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I come to Herbs and Harmony for a Thai massage at least once a month and it is the best massage place I have found in London. All of the therapists I have seen have been excellent and I would thoroughly recommend.

Laura Bardell

I've been a customer of H&H for many years and have had a range of treatments with many doctors and therapists. I am convinced i owe part of my happiness and most of my well being to everyone here :-) as they have helped to ease and remedy so many aches, pains and other problems....The prices are very good too. I highly recommend Herbs & Harmony.

Avery Smith

I Am in the middle of a course of Acupuncture for a very nasty back complaint. I have found the Chinese Dr to be professional and helpful. All the staff seem kind and friendly. I look forward to coming for a traditional massage for relaxation soon.

David Grenfell

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