Pain Relief

Although Modern medical world is still on the way of explaining how acupuncture works with the knowledge people currently are equipped, more and more researches have revealed that acupuncture could providetwice the pain relief of standard medicine. And one research reported by the Guardian in 2010, found out that the acupuncture triggers release of natural painkiller called "adenosine".

At Herbs and Harmony, we can help on a wide range of sports&Nervous System Problems, including low back pain,arthritis,tennis elbow, frozen shoulder,stiff neck,neck pain,headache,injuries,sciatica,multiple sclerosis.


To achieve the fastest and most effective result of pain relief, we will choose a combination from the following therapy methods, according to each client’s own body condition: 


  • Acupuncture:providing drug-free pain relief,relieving inflammation and  stimulating blood circulation

  • Electro-acupuncture:relieving inflammation, stimulating blood circulation with enhancement of minor DC current

  • Massage/Tuina: Pain relief and adjusting the qi flowing in the body

  • Cupping: Detoxing, relieving inflammation and moving blood and fluid

  • Infra therapeutic lamp:reducing inflammation and relieving pain with IR ray penetrating deeply under the skin