Weight Loss


Customised slimming package:Acupuncture + Herbal Tea

At Herbs and Harmony, we provide a unique and rather effective package combined with herbal medicine and acupuncture for weight loss scheme.

We are targeting both the fat burning and the root cause of the excess of unused calories store in our bodies in form of fat.

We first analyse all the internal and external potential weight-gaining factors of the specific patient’s body condition and life-pattern. Thena customised treatment scheme will be prescribed with sessions of acupuncture and herbal tea, aiming to restore the internal harmony of yin and yang within the body.By which,the body’s metabolism and digest system could finally function properly and regain the balance between food consumption and physical actives.

  • Acupuncture points around fat concentrated areas (abdomen, thighs) stimulate the blood flow and burn the fat;

  • Acupuncturepoints along the certain meridians regulate the metabolism and the endocrine system.

  • Customised herbal tea is carefully formulated to detox first and rebuild the internal harmony of “yin and yang“, according to each individual’s body condition.


"The therapy has reduced the intensity and frequency of hunger fits."

Patient M says

Track of losing weight

  • 1 stone in first 2 weeks: almost every customer can be guaranteed to lose 1 stone when they follow the instruction exactly;

  • Up to 10 kilos in 4 weeks: clients who stick to our treatment plan normally see such a great body change.

  • More weight loss can be achieved if sessions continue.


Tips: A “greener” diet plus regular exercise will always give your slimming campaign a faster and more apparent result while maintaining body health.